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Buy weed wax online

Buy weed wax online.

Cannabis wax is generally made using isopropyl alcohol or butane, with butane being the most common method. The process involves packing a tube with cannabis buds and forcing butane into one end of the tube. This forces the butane to bond to the THC found in the buds and draws it out from the plant. After the butane evaporates, an oily substance remains that hardens into a wax. With the isopropyl alcohol method, the buds are soaked in alcohol that draws out the THC. The alcohol then evaporates leaving behind cannabis wax.

Where can I buy weed wax

There are multiple benefits to choosing cannabis wax over other cannabis products. First, there is a noticeable reduction in smell. While traditional smoking methods can create a strong odor due to the amount of smoke emitted, wax dissipates very quickly into the air which results in a minimal odor. Wax can also be stored for months without having to worry about it growing mold. It is more potent than many other cannabis products, a small amount goes a long way.

Buying weed wax online

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